We Are All I

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You could have been anybody.

You are anybody.

In fact, you are everybody…

The nature of human experience includes a separate and localized feeling or sense of self.

You already know this – you experience it every day. You are you, duh!

But have you ever considered the fact that we all share a very simple yet fundamental thing in common?

Our name.

Not the name that other people call us, but the name we call ourselves, I.

We are all I.

If you go deeply enough into this, you realize truly that we are all the same ‘I’ and that there is no ‘other’. You understand that everybody and everything is yourself and you, yes you, are actually the universe in its entirety.

Put a different way, you are the universe experiencing itself, learning about itself, and asking itself: “Who am I?”

But don’t take my word for it. I’m not asking you to believe anything I say. Only you can do the work and experience this realization for yourself.

Share your thoughts with me below, and have a beautiful day.

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