My Goals for 2018

I have always been really good at goal setting and planning, but unfortunately one thing that I typically fail on is follow through. I understand that this is a problem that a lot of people have, but I refuse for this to continue to be a problem for me. It’s time for things to change!

Like most people, I tend to get really pumped and enthusiastic about making goals for myself with every intention on making them happen in the moment. More often then not however, I get sidetracked by other opportunities or meaningless distractions that come into my life.

I have accomplished so much in the last few years in terms of creating sites and learning about the online space that I am ready to settle down and get to the “real” work that I have been avoiding for quite a while to be honest… Don’t get me wrong, I love the internet, I love creating sites and learning about new things, but I have been putting off the things that I know bring me true joy and fulfillment, like creating art, spending time with loved ones and creating a healthy existence for myself (body, mind and soul).

Long story short, I’ve been distracting myself from what is truly important and I have suffered for it. Although I gain massive amounts of knowledge and work tirelessly, it seems that it is never enough. I’ve realized recently that I feel this way because I’ve been focusing and acting on the wrong things.

I want to spend more time on the things that better my life, and cut out the unnecessary crap that tends to get in the way. The time for excuses is over, and I am ready to go full force into what I believe will truly make an impact on my life and those around me.

Before I didn’t even want to share my goals because I didn’t want to disappoint myself or others by not achieving them. Since creating this site, I have been very driven to produce content and share my experiences and stories with you. It has reached the point now where I feel ready to share my goals with the world and to have others aware and holding me accountable too.

I love personal growth and becoming the best version of myself that is possible, and I look up to others who do this for themselves. I want to be one of these people now, and the only thing getting in the way is myself. Well, NOT ANYMORE.

Without further ado, here are my goals for 2018!

Life Balance

The balance of all the following goals is going to be important for me moving forward. There is a lot that I plan to accomplish and my usual way of getting things done is to focus down on one task and leave the rest to the side until it’s finished. I have shown myself in the past two years that this way of working is not helpful, and instead of bringing up everything one by one, they need to be brought up and improved all together.

Setting deadlines for myself as well as being aware of how much time I spend on each of these things a day is going to be helpful. Instead of doing one task all day for days or weeks at a time (which is not productive in the long run), I am going to find balance and pursue small tasks everyday that will grow over time to accomplish the things that are important to me. I will also pay attention to myself enough to know when I am no longer being productive, and to know when to stop working.


Taking care of my body is the ultimate expression of self love. My overall goal is to feel boundless, overflowing energy and confidence so I can tackle every challenge that I am presented with as well as be unstoppable in doing all of the things that I love. I plan on staying vegan and building a consistent exercise routine into my every day life so I can lose all excess weight, build up muscle, gain movement back, eliminate pain and increase overall health.

I also want to support mental well being by meditating everyday, and being present in the moment.

Spend Time with Loved Ones

Make quality time for Nicole (my wife), family and friends while being completely present for them. I want to create amazing, deep spiritual connections with those around me whom I love and appreciate. I want to feel, even more deeply, my connection with all other beings on a fundamental level and bring understanding, love and compassion into this world through my relationships, both old and new. I want to deeply touch those around me and be an inspiration to others and even myself.

Create Daily

Creating art is a form of meditation and realization for me. Every day that I create, my mind seems to be more peaceful and still, and going forward I want it to be built into my everyday life as a habit instead of waiting until I feel “inspired” to do so. On top of that I love improving on something that means a lot to me, and creating everyday will help me to develop drawing abilities and technical skills that will help me to communicate more effectively through imagery.

Write and Share a Blog Post for Some Sense of Clarity Every Thursday

I want to cover a lot of topics on this blog, like nonduality, self-mastery, working for yourself, motivation, mind set, personal development, minimalism, health and much more. Posting consistently will allow me to share all of the ideas and personal progress I make in these areas and hopefully help those who may be thinking of doing the same things.

Build Some Sense of Clarity Social Media Channels

I would love to build up my Instagram to 2,000 followers posting inspirational and valuable information 1 or 2 times per week by Jan 2019. I also want to grow my YouTube channel to at least 1,500 subscribers and continue to share openly and honestly while providing massive value to others.

Build My Following and Income for My Artist Website,

I want to have 3,500 Instagram followers by January 2019. I want to post on Instagram 3 to 4 times per week and upload a blog post every other Monday on my artist website. I would like to grow my online art income from Hozro Printshop to $1,500 by Jan 2019 as well.

Pay Off Credit Cards and Build Savings

Fuck credit cards! I plan to pay off all credit cards (and my wife’s) to diminish the amount of monthly expenses and free ourselves from stupid unnecessary spending in general. I will also work towards building a comfortable savings account for emergencies etc.

Expand and Diversify Income Streams

Having different income streams is very important to me. I want to be financially stable and comfortable. Even as I’m writing this, my wife has lost her job in the last couple days and it is a testament to the importance of having varied income streams in case one of them is lost. My plan consists of learning more about digital marketing, website building and consulting online or through a job or internship. Afterwards I will be able to carry a digital marketing or web design job, do freelance work for clients as well as my drive traffic and sales to my personal websites.

Increase Income

I will easily make progress towards gaining financial freedom through the things that I already love, including my art, this blog, random projects and other passive income streams. I no longer want to worry about money and the things that I cannot do because money is tight and I want to be able to provide assistance to those around me. By January 2019 I plan on making $5,000 per month.

Points/Miles Card for Business Spending

Why not get rewarded for doing everyday tasks for my businesses, like marketing, paying for websites and buying art supplies? Having a miles card will allow me to save up and travel more with less expenses, giving me more breaks and vacations in my everyday life so I can be refreshed, see different perspectives and share my experiences with you. As this would be a credit card, I would make sure to pay it off monthly to stick to my previous goal of getting rid of maxed-out cards.

Continue to Minimize the Amount of Objects Around Me

I have been very interested in minimalism over the past few years and have significantly reduced the amount of things that I own. This process has been eye opening and I am excited to continue towards my goal of only having a minimal amount of necessary items.

Depending on how well these goals manifest for me, I might add more later on. For now, I want to keep it simple and feasible for me. I want to accomplish a lot in my life, and I know that it will take time.

There is a strange sense of freedom and excitement from sharing this information with you on this blog. I look forward to the upcoming year and the ability to be able to cross all of these things off of my to do list and prove to myself even more so that I am capable of doing anything I desire by using my attention and determination. The possibility of so much growth makes me enthusiastic about getting to work. With that being said, I’m going to go draw something now…

But before I go though, do you have any goals you’d like to share with me? Comment below and let me know!

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