I help individuals feeling stuck evolve into the person they know they are meant to be. 
Imagine a version of yourself that doesn't let worry and self-sabotage call the shots or dictate your success and well-being: a stress-free version that does any task with efficiency and grace and that slows down to enjoy life, while still kicking ass and always progressing forward.

My name is Lauren Alexander, and I help people transcend their current state and grow into the person they are cosmically pulled to be. 

It's time to take back control and live the life you really dream of NOW.
For the majority of my life, I struggled immensely with chronic anxiety, deep-seated insecurities and crippling emotional baggage that made it nearly impossible to enjoy daily living, let alone grow into my dreamed self. 
This affected every part of my life… relationships, family, friendships, health, career, creative endeavors and more.
I wanted so badly to feel peaceful, happy, clear-headed and free to live my life the way I really wanted to: authentically and unrestricted. I dreamed of building an extraordinary life for myself, but my anxiety always had other plans.
I became so lost and desperate for change that I knew I had to do something drastic if I was ever going to make a lasting transformation… 

...so I made a conscious decision to change my life for the better, no matter the consequences. 
Since then, and over the past several years, I have become deeply devoted to overcoming these obstacles and creating the extraordinary life for myself (something I never even thought possible back then). 
Now I want to help others do the same.
My personal quest for self-expansion and uninterrupted joy has blown my mind and turned my "average everydayness" into the most extraordinary journey of my life. A journey of holistic healing and personal discovery.
The things I have accomplished along my journey never seemed possible from my previous states of anxious overwhelm, but the results have been amazing: 
  • ¬†Increased my motivation, happiness and confidence considerably
  • ¬†Overcame crippling anxiety, negative thinking, excessive stress and worry
  • ¬†Found my purpose in life and started my dream work
  • ¬†Overcame destructive, sabotaging habits
  • ¬†Lost over 120 pounds
  • ¬†Conquered depressive tendencies
  • ¬†Found my dream partner and got married
  • ¬†Increased my productivity tenfold
  • ¬†Moved across the country
I now know that my intense suffering was a blessing in disguise. In fact, I don't see my struggles anymore as a curse or as something that was done to me, I now see that it was for me.
Overcoming these obstacles has given me infinite insights and clarity, allowing me to help others transform their lives for good. I am not here to offer you band aid solutions. I am here to help you change your life from the inside out.

I will help you to create a version of yourself that is too balanced, composed, and confident to let worry, doubt and anxiety stop you from achieving your goals and living the life you were meant to experience. 
It’s time to take control and stop letting worries and fears sabotage this one, beautiful life you are living now.
Are you ready to take control and live the life YOU choose? If so, let's talk.
Lauren helps individuals feeling stuck evolve into the person they know they are meant to be. 
  • ¬†Conquer obsessive thinking and worrying
  • ¬†Conquer fears and insecurities
  • ¬†Use their emotional guidance system in their favor (ALL emotions have something to show you)
  • ¬†Stop self-sabotage before it happens
  • ¬†Effectively communicate with others
  • Set goals and become the person who accomplishes those goals with ease
  • ¬†Make each and every day more passionate and fulfilled then the last
Want to get in touch? Let's talk!
Email: lauren@somesenseofclarity.com
Want to get in touch? Let's talk!
Email: lauren@somesenseofclarity.com
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